My love of food

My love of food and cooking was awakened quite recently. 2012 seems to be my year of kitchen love. Watching food channels has not helped to suppress this neonate desire. I wake up wondering what meals to cook and what ingredients I have on hand. I have to admit, with my very busy work-life I actually do a lot more thinking than doing. However, one indication that I am a lot more organised is that my daughters lunch box is full of exciting colors and foods and a lot more variety. If there is any consolation, her lunch box comes home empty a lot more than before.

Its been an exciting experience. I was in New Delhi in May and was excited about the variety of meals in a vegetarian -world and every since I have tried to make new dishes out of the old and well cooked new ones as well.

I have become an avid browser of food-related sites, watching food channels an also acting out my passion. My friends on BB complain because I oppress them with pictures of delectable meals guaranteed to make you salivate on sight. :) I invite friends and family over for lunch dates. (Usually Sundays). I intend to become more adventurous by asking to host small events – birthdays and other celebrations. I intend to ask my mother-in-law if I can cater at Christmas. She is a very good cook and also a big caterer so it would be a great honor if  I can do that for her. She reads my blog so I have to hurry and ask before she sees it on here. :)

I am putting myself out by all this and many times after spending the whole of my Sunday morning thinking about what to rustle up and usually have an hour left to execute but have received lovely comments so I move ahead and push myself out of my comfort zone. Abi?

Okay if you are already a friend and want a Sunday invite, just holla! :)


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All manner of things….

This is my first blog post in 2012. It has been a busy year. I am currently on leave and having had six kids over for the day , I should be bone -tired but my late night browsing and wide-’awakeness’ is fueled by a cup of tea!
This blog post is in part a means to keep my blog active and have at least one entry in 2012. I also decided to give back to ‘society’. Reading other people’s blogs and not keeping other people well-read with mine is selfish, isn’t it? However just writing for the sake of writing seems banal.

Okay then, I’ll make this blog post an introduction to a future blog post:
I was listening to a radio call-in program (I never listen to the radio unless I’m in someone else’s car and of course cannot tell them to turn off their radios). The topic I cannot remember clearly but had to do with advise on some marriage issue.
I listened aghast as several well-meaning and other not-so well-meaning callers spewed out advise in various forms and shapes. I was a little irritated as so many self-righteous people tried to impose their own solutions (which may or may not have worked in their marriages, if they were married) on this probably hypothetical marriage problem.
I wondered and still wonder if anyone actually goes about trying to solve problems that way. I mean we are all so different and no two circumstances are exactly the same so how can what worked for Tamedo apply to Lagbaja?

I understand this is just one angle on this amorphous issue… will be back d.v. with another blog post…. trying to cover all the angles but of course failing to do so properly….

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Birthday musings

Today I’m grateful for so many things…
and my list is really long…my heart is full….
and i’ll mention just one thing i’m grateful for….
I definitely have grown in the last 1 year…we all have! but i’m especially grateful for this one thing!

Thanks for stopping by my blog at all in this year…May 2012 see me blogging more (to be honest, I doubt that very much….this blog is just not on my list of priorities anymore.) but lets see how it goes…

Do stop by my sisters blog and wish her a happy birthday too (yes we are twins), she’s a more consistent blogger and has more juicy gist (being an ajala and all :) )

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Notes and …

For all the curious cats :) yeah my curious friends – I wish I remember what was written in the note. I heard through a mutual friend that he was really upset about having to repeat a class and my note was simply to encourage him – must have included 1 or 2 bible verses. Unfortunately I do not have copies of the notes seeing that this was the era of snail mail. My note must have done wonders ‘cos I was treated at the fanciest ‘restaurant’ on campus then! Satisfied? :)

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I used to write notes. I loved writing notes, I probably still do but I do not write them again. Some of my past notes have come back to haunt me. Well, actually 2 of them.

Thankfully the notes were nice if a bit awkward but I loved writing and still do.  A number of my friends have kept the notes and from time to time, I get an email saying they just stumbled upon one of my notes and how they remember how it helped them get out of a dump or really really encouraged them. This usually put smiles on my face and leave me wondering about what was in those notes.

One of my notes led to my first date :) I didn’t think it was such a big deal but I guess the recipient did.

I remember one note that stayed in my pocket for weeks and weeks because I was afraid of the stern face of the would-be recipient. She wasn’t a friend, just an acquaintance and my last friendly overture had been rebuffed by a stolid and hard face. Hmmm…I heard she was in a bit of trouble and put pen to paper but my fear of her made me withhold the precious note.

Months later I showed the note to a mutual friend who blurted out ‘Why on earth didn’t you give this to her, Toyin?’ Emmm silence followed from me. He went on to say he was sure that note would have helped her make a better decision than the one she made. I don’t know and will never know if that would have happened but that was the only undelivered note I ever wrote…

Until I stopped writing…

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Nothing happens by chance!

Stop Domestic Violence!

This week, one has been horrified about the murder of a lady by her husband.
My take on this event are as follows:

  • Nothing happens by chance.

The man who murdered his wife, murdered her in his mind eons ago and the right opportunity and circumstance set the balls rolling for this heinous crime to be played out.
I have read comments on message boards from people who know him and are shocked that he could do such a thing. I think all the beating she received were just indications to the workings of his mind. It is awful, horrendous and incomprehensible to a ‘normal’ human being but not surprising because the Bible says ‘The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?’.
Jesus said it is not what is on the outside that makes a man unclean but what issues out from his very being. The Mind! I don’t know the fellow from Adam but I most certainly believe that his years of being jobless were not put to good use. Instead of despising the shame of not having a job and spending time diligently ‘working’ at positive things; I believe his mind was ‘fed’ continuously a diet of negative meals from negative TV programs, unwholesome Videos & Films, etc.

For a man to commit such an act against a fellow human, his wife no less , external imagery had definitly sold the act to his very self. Not at a seating, but in bits and pieces.
He had a weakness – his anger and that was the entrance or the switch that turned on these images and fueled them till they became reality.
His act is not surprising just sad and true!

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Resources that have been a blessing:

This week:

  • Old recordings (on CD)  from Kenneth E. Hagin’s campmeetings #Listening to one recorded in 1983 and I’m amazed that Gods word is constant.
  • A book : The Believers authority (What you didn’t learn in Church) by Andrew Wommack
  • A site: (I call it ‘The believers Facebook’)
  • Podcasts by Andrew Wommack
  • Weekday services at HICC (Check out
  • Another book: One word of God can change your life forever edited by Kenneth & Gloria Copeland.
  • Telephone conversations with friends seeking the Lord.

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Thankful Friday

I am very grateful to God for:

  • Second and Third chances.
  • The fact that my car is back on the road after the deluge of rain destroyed some components. I’m grateful for His provision wrt the car.
  • My parents who have been and are such a huge support for us.
  • Restored homes
  • The gift of laughter, humor, smiles, kind words.
  • Jesus who has given me victory! Constant immovable victory.
  • the fact that He is a friend who is ALWAYS with me.
  • New friends, new meetings.
  • Ibukunoluwa
  • ToluwaLase
  • Olaoluwatomi
  • Omokolawole

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Lagos & Rain

The rain on Friday was heavy. The poor drainage on the road caused a mighty flood. My car was parked on the road and the water sipped into it and spoiled the brain box of the gear. I was not alone. Several people had to push their cars of the road and spent the weekend at a mechanic workshop. Thankfully my car did not move from where it was parked Friday morning so the additional expense of towing (an automatic) it did not surface.

It is still grounded because the mechanic and I decided to try and salvage the soaked box and hopefully restart it but all we got were weird and erratic signs lighting up the dashboard. I’m grateful though as I heard of another car whose ‘brain box’ was trying to be salvaged and instead of starting, ‘detonated’ the air bags when the accelerator was pressed down, which unfortunately smashed the windscreen of the car as the mechanic had placed his tools on the dashboard.

It was a quiet weekend with little or no mobility but taxis, danfos and (almost keke marwa’s) have come to the rescue.  Sunday evening saw me calling one of the licensed cabs to pick me up Monday morning, however 15mins after the set time he still was not around so I went and got another one passing by. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it was also an air-conditioned taxi and cost me less. I get his number and use him 2 days in a row.

I’m amazed at how calm I have been through this car-less experience. Not that its not expensive, it has cost A LOT and to think I had no plans to repair the car this month after just doing a full-service on the car and purchasing 2 brand new tyres. Things I had pushed for as long as I possibly could. (Read: Oga is not around, so everything else apart from the car was priority :) )

Several things made me laugh: A ‘battery charger’ brought his battery and proceeded to connect 2 rods to the points on my battery and once the car came on decided to ask for double the going rate! I simply burst out laughing. His explanation (in Yoruba) was the extra charge was because he used his ‘brains’ to figure out what the problem (as we thought it was then) was. It was just a ruse (unsuccessful I might add) to get more money out of this ‘Alakowe’. At least he must have surmised, that’s the way she makes money.

It took me back to an Economics lesson in Secondary school about knowledge workers and manual labor. I have to agree with the ‘battery-charger’ - Everyone is a knowledge worker. The value we place on the work done determines how much we are willing to put down for services or products. A long post…where did I start out from?

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5 Years!

Thank God!
This day & time 5 years ago, I was putting finishing touches to my dressing and about to take my last steps out of my fathers house.
I look back in amazement, time does fly!
I remember that I had prayed for absolutely no rain. It did rain but not enough to spoil proceedings or hamper pictures from being taken. It rained just as we started singing the hymn “There shall be showers of blessing” and I remember when we got to the stanzas, “Showers of Blessings, showers of blessing we need…” the intensity of the rain intensified and the pelting on the roof almost tried to drown out the chorus! Trust my people, we sang with gusto and our voices ‘out-sang’ the rain.

I had thought I’d be disappointed with the rain but I only smiled as we (my hubby & I) took that as a lovely sign of Gods blessings on our union. Its been a rain of blessings from Day 1.

There have been many challenges but God is FAITHFUL! He has spared us, He has kept us, He has blessed us, He has delivered us, He has shown us His mercy, His grace, His plenteous mercy and unmerited favor. Without Him, there would be no 5 years!

To Him be all glory…all praise and Thanksgiving!

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